Photography | Hong Kong

"Beyond a certain critical mass each structure becomes a monument, or at least raises that expectation through its size alone, even if the sum or the nature of the individual activities it accommodates does not deserve a monumental expression


This monument of the 20th century is the Automonument, and its purest manifestation is the Skyscraper."

-- Rem Koolhaas, "The Frontier in the Sky," in Delirious New York --

Although Rem Koolhaas proposed "Theory of Bigness" two decades ago based on his observation of Manhattan, I can feel the effect of "Automonument" everywhere in Hong Kong. Even more, the density and variety of buildings here seem to generate their unique interpretation. Thus, though this series, I'd like to capture these "Automonuments" with my own camera and understanding.


"Beyond a certain scale..."


"The fa├žade can no longer reveal..."


"It coexists..."

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